History of MonkeyView

Fri Dec 20 08:13:44 PST 2019
Site back up - now coasting on FreeBSD 12.1. SSL turned on with certbot!

Mon Dec 2 23:49:16 PST 2013
I'm ready to get this site tuned up -- I have lots of photos to upload! The OS was bumped, MonkeyView is now a 'jail' in FreeBSD 9.2.

Fri Jun 27 15:10:16 PDT 2008
The server has two disks, and the 'os/backup' disk crashed but the 'image/db' disk is intact. With the new disk, I went ahead and upgraded a bunch of stuff (OS, server software, etc) and configured RAID. 216,482 photos.

Wed Jul 11 11:59:18 PDT 2007
The server is a 2.5Ghz Celeron, and all seems to be running fine. Looks like about 100 new images per day are uploaded. 186,540 photos.

Tue Apr 17 10:15:03 PDT 2007
If you upload a 'zip file' with images with file names like: Easter_Egg_Basket.jpg, the upload script will automatically convert the filename into the title of the photo -- Easter Egg Basket in this example. Rename all the files on your computer, then put them in a zipfile (16MB limit per zipfile) and bulk upload them all -- the title field will be prepopulated! If a series of 5 digits of the string 'DSC' is found in an images filename, the auto-tilting does not occur. Uploads are quicker if you pre-resize all your images on your desktop. That way the server doesn't have to resize your picutres. 176,737 photos.

Mon Feb 12 14:38:51 PST 2007
Well, I updated the look of the albums for the first time in 7 years! I'll do the main pages next and then add the ability to configure default color schemes. Tested on Firefox! If it doesn't work on other browsers, leave a message! 173,610 photos.

Thu Feb 8 10:56:07 PST 2007
Something busted and spun out of control last week Friday. It may been a bot script breaking the site. I wrote a script to automatically restart Apache if it gets hosed again. :) (Also, an outage due to XO's oversubscription of power) Anyhow, there are now 173,169 photos.

Thu Oct 12 23:03:29 PDT 2006
My razor phone can send pictures! Also, my wife and I got a Sony camera! Time to update MonkeyView. 162,748 pictures online.

Sat May 13 11:02:16 PDT 2006
I am sad: my second kodak (LS743) camera busted. The lens won't retract and the error is E45. 150,831 photos in MonkeyView!

Fri Mar 17 18:15:30 PST 2006
Mmm... the second, large drive in MonkeyView seems to have fried the power supply. When looking in the box, I noticed that the motherboard capacitors were leaking some crusty gunk as well. So, pardon the one day outage, but I was slapping the CPU, RAM, and disks into a new case with a new power supply and motherboard. I threw in an extra 120 GB drive while I was at it. 146,390 photos on the server! Other news: there was a bug where some images where being showed in a shrunken manner -- fixed!

Fri Dec 30 01:41:30 PST 2005
OK, the disk was up to more than 90% full, so I upped the drive from a 60GB to a 300GB drive. Drive sizes have really bumped up from 2002... there are 137,825 photos on the server now!
It is funny adding this note... the site has been up for years, and the HTML used is so 1990s. I used the font tag back then! Style Sheets really rule. I need to redo the templates one of these days. Happy New Year!

Thu Mar 11 13:09:40 PST 2004
50,000 photos are in the system! In an effort to spark some life into the further development of this site, I have created the MonkeyView Tribe Group. Tribe is a FOAF (friend of a friend) network and includes a message board system. Post your issues there and submit designs for new templates.

Sat Jan 17 19:59:26 PST 2004
I looked on the c-wsss.com site and found out what the error on my digital camera means. I don't know why canon doesn't have their support on canon.com... hiding on an obscure domain name makes it MUCH harder to search with google for you answers. I had to wade through many lame pages in their troubleshooting guide. Anyhow, here are some answers:

  • "E18": Lens unit/Lens barrier error
  • "E30" and "E50": CF card error
  • My plan is to take apart the camera and clean the lens retraction path and look for foreign materials (eg sand). 46,000+ photos on the server.

    Fri Oct 3 16:01:03 PDT 2003
    40,000+ photos! I added a function to retain the master image before resizing. Note: this will not make images pre Oct 3, 2003 suddenly have higher res versions. I'll add a link in the templates to the high-res version of the images. Recently, by Cannon Elph crashed with an E18 error on the little LCD screen. What the hell? It seems digital cameras never last more than a year in my hands. In other news: I now know style sheets, so I'll rehack the templates when I get a chance. If anyone out there is a graphic designer and then want to send me a layout, I'll add it to the site for all to use.

    Tue Jul 29 04:11:37 PDT 2003
    35,000+ photos! OS update...

    Fri Nov 22 02:26:50 PST 2002
    Over 25,000 photos! Only 2Gigabytes out of 50G are used. I guess the server could handle about half a million photos. Happy Turkey Day!

    Mon Sep 23 01:15:00 PDT 2002
    Nothing really new... 22,784 photos in MonkeyView. I just updated the OS (FreeBSD).

    Sat Aug 31 17:24:00 PDT 2002
    Yeah Haw! The 20,000 photo mark has been broken. I got a new camera (a Cannon Elph) and plan on taking a bunch of pictures. It came with a cool 'photo stitch' feature to turn a sequence of photos into a panorama.

    Fri Jun 21 09:21:00 PDT 2002
    There are roughly 19,000 photos in this photo server. I redid the front page so that the links no longer have people's email addresses embedded in the URL.

    Tue Jun 4 01:21:51 PDT 2002
    The hard disk crashed! I replaced it and recovered almost all the images. A couple of images from the last days of May 2002 may have been lost. Also, I made the code run a little faster by tweaking the upload program. Let's see... oh, the CPU was updragged (upgrading a drag?) to a 1.4 Gigahertz Athalon XP chip last month. This little photo server is super fast now!

    Wed Jan 17 23:48:47 PST 2001
    Photos were added to the front page of MonkeyView... now, the first page is less drab. The 'list albums' now returns a more useful page (on the my.MonkeyView.net side).

  • Today, the 3000th photo was uploaded by Rudy!
    Skip this next note unless you want some real technical info: For a while I was getting signal 11 errors with apache. I had a light server with a local proxy to a heavier server which did all the database stuff. If a browser request was merely for a photo or static page, the heavy server was not needed. I stopped doing it this way, and the signal 11 error in apache ceased...

  • Tue Nov 14 14:34:25 GMT 2000
    There is now one commercial user of this site, www.stroke9.com. All right, it looks like all my work has paid off, to the tune of about $1/hour. hahaha...
    Let's see, what has changed since my last log in this history file:
  • The templates work better. I like the border one.
  • If Mac users have filenames sans extensions, the code will now accept their uploads and figure out the proper MIME type. Previously, Mac people were having trouble. (only if the browser sends a CONTENT-TYPE header...)
  • Workaround for stupid IE 5/Mac bug: Mac people: Use Netscape!!!
  • This week, the 2000th photo was uploaded by Moya.

  • Mon Aug 28 23:14:44 GMT 2000
    Dang, the server was down over the weekend. I did a big upgrade Friday. For those of you interested, the database and web server are on different physical boxes now. Why? For fun! Teaching myself how to set up MySQL over TCP/IP is my idea of a good time. Also, MonkeyView can handle way more traffic than it will ever see. In other news, I am playing around with speech synth...
    Mon Aug 14 13:46:57 GMT 2000
    Here is a list of supported 'photo types':
  • jpg, gif, png, swf, fla, dcr, dir, pdf, mpg, mov, mp4
  • a sound file may be added to a photo; these sound types:
  • wav, midi, mp3, ra
  • Granted, I don't have any pdf files, nor a lot of interest in making one. I like HTML. However, the code is in place to accept PDF files. Again, there is some arbitrary size limit to uploads. I forgot what it is ... maybe one megabyte. If you want to make successful photo albums, you'll have smallish content anyways. Make mp3s low quality, like 24Kpbs, and shrink your photos to at most 800 pixels.
    Mon Aug 14 13:36:22 GMT 2000
    I added support for Audio last night. Once you have a photo up, you can then upload a sound to the photo's page. If you List the photos, pick one, then you will see an 'Add Sound' link. Here is an example of adding a Real Audio file to your photo.
    Other notes:
  • You can delete photos now.
  • Photo's can be replaced.
  • I spent a day on design, so the site is not so clunky looking
  • 15 people are using MonkeyView!

  • Thu Aug 3 02:55:35 PDT 2000
    The Login is much smoother now. Cookies are used by default, and cookie-less browsers use Basic Auth.
    Also, the site is getting a makeover to look more like monkeybrains.net... Tomorrow, this site will be served from MonkeyView.net!
    Wed Aug 2 10:38:25 PDT 2000
    Thumbnails are created for your pictures now. They are all 80 pixels wide, but I plan on making that adjustable. It looks like a couple of people are interested in using the photo server in a commercial sense (ie they want a custom template and are willing to pay a couple of $'s). Georgia is complaining about losing her password, so I'm going to code the 'Lost Password' functionality _right now_!
    Looking over this file, I see some things I haven't done yet... good thing there is this History page to help me keep track of this project!
    Mon Jul 10 10:53:54 PDT 2000
    I am quite happy to say, there are about 3 people (other than me) using the photo server. People are gathering images to document interesting events, adding their point of view (through imagery and textery), and, instantly, making a website with a Monkey tool.
    On another note, I double the RAM in the photo server, so I am ready for a mass of users to start using this photo tool. I call it 'Monkey tool' 'photo tool' 'View' and some other names. If you have a name you prefer, email it to me.
    Sun Jun 11 00:28:21 PDT 2000
    New features:
  • You can reorder the photos in an album.
  • I made a flash movie template for album navigation! (this is cool...)
  • Now I want to make a cool java applet interface using the Swing Classes.
  • I made the 'homepage' a little prettier. Slowly, I'm thinking about pretty UIs.
  • I abstracted some more of the code: syndication will be easy.
  • The database is backed up nightly.

  • Tue Jun 6 14:17:21 PDT 2000
    I took a break from this project. Now, when you upload a file, you can resize the image. I added some JavaScript to some of the pages to enhance the usability. If you don't have JavaScript, you experience will still be real, but less enriched. One of the reasons work has resumed is promised cash flow. I am setting up the system to be easily configured for a specific single task. For example, Stroke9.com wants to be able to add band pictures when they are on the road; they don't want to 'learn' the complex and flexible system I have developed; so, I am creating a simplified input interface for such applications. The regular interface will continue to grow while I create a simplified branch of View.

    I noticed Moya added some comments about 6 weeks ago to the site! Time to implement her input. All comments are appreciated.

    Sat Mar 25 00:42:06 PST 2000
    I'm ready to let other people check it this site out. I am going to email half a dozen people, and see if the site is functional. I will add more templates (to make the pages pretty) over the next week.
    Sun Mar 12 16:35:25 PST 2000
    Michelle commented that the log in procedure was too complicated. I added the ability for users to make up their own passwords. A confirmation number is emailed to user (instead of an obscure password).